Ignoramus Album

All songs written by Misterer. Produced and Mixed by Mikko Herranen, engineered by Mikko Herranen and Joel Pöllänen. Recorded at 5by5, Noise Floor and Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki and at Cock Alley in Vantaa. Live bonus track recorded at On the Rocks, Helsinki, Finland by Mikko Salonen.

Voice of God: Jonathan Hutchings.
Mastered at Noise Floor by Mikko Herranen. Cover Artwork and Band Photography by Tapio Wilska / Chaos Path Graphics.

© & ℗ 2019 Misterer / Three Chords Music

Special thanks and a big hand to

Joel Pöllänen, Papa Wilska, Paavo Kurkela, Jonathan Hutchings, our #1 fan Hessu, Punis, Terhi Hytönen, Jani Ahonen, Mikko Salonen, Arto Kuronen, Marko Pirinen, Teemu Ruokonen, Matias Aaltonen, Janne Hartonen, Wille Hartonen, Hannu Tiainen, Toni Salminen @Metalscope, Aki @Loose Mind Productions, Mikko Skyttä @Rockvalot, Tatu Tulikoura @Totemic, JP @Roudaamo, OSW, Cornerstone, Slayer, Ben Varon, DJ Mikke, On The Rocks, Jone Nikula, Ben Granfelt, Tyrantti, The Hirvi, S-Tool, Dead Shape Figure, Iiwanajulma, Kilt., Oceanhoarse, Varjola, Nooa, Arttu, Pasi, Jones, Ulla, Jarno, Henkka, Esa and our families, friends, fans and all those who have supported us. Everyone else, we keep you nothing! But nevertheless, stay true to Heavy Metal and live!




The ancient secrets hidden by man
True wisdom hard for a man to understand
Now there's no real progress with the human kind
Their false beliefs, confused and tamed minds

I am a god, a creator and a star
You are a god, a grue master of your art
The weak pray for miracles, they say "god's the key"
But I can sense the power and divinity in me

To separate the flesh from the bones
We tore the world apart, felt our gods left us alone
Deprive the heretics the right to live
Only a true believer can be forgiven

Resurrection, the cause for action
Deprivation, the final reformation


To fill the burning emptiness, we silence the gods from inside us
Let the new master in, let him guide us, into the land of the free

We build a world on our ignorance
Pretend that we care when they die
The strongest will always get high and survive

We are the chosen ones, life is easy and hollow
Touch the sun, let machines run, for us there's no tomorrow

To fill the burning emptiness
We kill all the gods from inside us
They send us their masters to guide us
To the land of the free

To kill the haunting loneliness
We fight to be fully accepted
The fear of being rejected
From the land of the free

We are the chosen ones, life is easy and hollow
Touch the sun, let machines run, for us there’s no tomorrow
We are the chosen ones
For us there’s no tomorrow

What it is to be free?
Who pays for your freedom?
Who has to suffer to keep up the high society


Attack, troops arise, an act of war in disguise
A power no one can control
The axes slash, my cannons shoot fire
An invincible empire
Bang your head against the wall and let the force overtake you
Shut them up with the loudest command
A call for war, the true meaning of man

Blow up the backrage of a fuckface
Blow up the backrage

No one remains unaltered
Be alert, your time is gonna come
I sense the presence of an enemy
With no regrets, I aim and shoot him down
Mud and blood stains on your face
Kill or be killed on the way
Fighting back to back to reach the final stand
There's no turning back,
Attack when you hear the command

Let the war machine show how much power you can hold
The end of mankind as we know it,
The prophecy has been foretold

Left, right, left
Troops of death

The bringers of death and destruction marching in straight lines
Turn your hatred into action, now it's time to die.


Consider this a bargain, the weak fight to survive
Hunt them down with your gun, suffocate the stronger ones
No mercy, no names just flesh and bone
No mercy, better pray the one that has the power to pay

Money money money
So much funny in the rich man's world
money money, keep it coming
Keep on running, we’ve got money to burn

The gasoline to ride

Be the first in order, the strongest of your kind
Paid admiration, inherited paradise
Irresistable, untouchable
Let the cash roll, I'm fuckin' sick of it all

Irresistable, undefeatable
Undeniable, high above everyone and all


Twenty to four, woke up in the night
Longing for lust, longing for the light
I crave to touch you once again, hold you close until the end

'Cause you are the light, you are the savior
For you I would fight
Through the night we'd carry each other once again
Until the end

I hold you like the lovers do
So many times I've needed you
To ease down the action
And soon I know there'll be a time
You calm me down and make me shine
I long for your protection

'Cause you are the light, you are the savior
Safe in the darkness, away from all the failure
You are the light, you are the savior
For you I would fight
Through the night we’d carry each other again and again
Until the end.


Marching through darkness, destination unknown
We serve the nameless gods of so called freedom
When they command we strike with one hundred and ten percent power
Don't give a damn to understand, don't give a damn

High society
The wealth of perfection
High society
Collective erection
High society
Narcissistic power
This is how we all go down

Soldier boy ready to take action any time
The roar of machine guns singing lullabies
The dead staring mortals like the living would be a crime
Blood raining down from TV screen into the ground
They scream for mercy but there's none left to be found
Confrontation, protect the highest nations

We serve with pride until the end of our time
Then one by one we drop and fall off from the line
Human race guilty for it's crimes
Too late to turn back now
THIS is how we all go down


From the backleft, I smack you in the cauldron
Your caecaetin starts to bleed
You fall onto your backrage
There's nothing more you need

This is the Finnish way of fighting
The puukko junker's paracise
The sisu known nationwide
This is the Finnish way of fighting
The ancient solders of Percaley
Keep on rising from the grave

From the near-front, you smack me in the cauldron
I shield my darkening caecaetin
It's an endless dance of Perkelation
it's a fight no one can win


Mother nature will remember
The greatest achievements of human race
Like a plague we spread across the lands
Contaminate the waters
Determined to control and push on harder
Restrained expectations, let the visions come, we pray
An age of distrust, confrontation
Their dying eyes will see how we deal with empathy

We are te parasites that rip her soul
Resurrected, disrespected
And when she cries, we let her all alone
Unprotected, disconnected

That's where we stand, that's how we greet our lands
An age of death, the violent salvation,
Their dead eyes will see how we protect our privacy

We spread across the lands
Take everything that can be taken
We are the gods of destruction
Too long ago we lost the connection

Now here we show the greatest achievements of human race
Like a plague
We bruise the smiling face
Break every bone to pieces
Sacrifice our home
Don't care what she says
With no expectations, let the visions come we pray
We spread across the lands
Contaminate the waters
Determined to control and push on harder.

©2019 Misterer / Three Chords Music